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The WINDY CITY BOYS- La Sombra de Tony Guerrero


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La Sombra de Chicago or La Sombra de Tony Guerrero or even the Windy City Boys is a Tejano band founded by Tony Guerrero. Originally from the Chicago suburb of Aurora, Illinois, the group gained national acclaim and success after moving to Corpus Christi, Texas, the headquarters of their label, Freddie Records.

La Sombra released over twenty full-length studio albums featuring songs in both Spanish and English. Following numerous line-up changes, the group disbanded in 1995, briefly reuniting in 2008 for a number of live shows.

La Sombra has been credited with influencing the Tejano and cumbia music fields in terms of musical style, dress, and concert performances as well as a generation of newer artists including the Kumbia Kings. La Sombra Is one of the most famous and important groups in tejano music industry and history’ and, one of the most Love’ Tejano groups by tejano music fans and respected by other great tejano groups. La Sombra is the only Tejano group with more female fans then any other tejano group Tony Guerrero the lead vocalist and founder of La Sombra released singles album that came out in 2012 it’s called guess who’s back the name of the song from the singles album it’s No Te Perdono prior to the release of this singles album La Sombra has also released new singles songs called freakytona]] Mi Cumbia]] abuelita]] This songs can be found in iTunes Music Store.

Studio albums:

Mi Guerita Coca-Cola (1984)(First album on Freddie Records and debut)
Where’s The Beef? (1984)
No Hay Derecho (1985)
Eres Tu Muchachita (1985)
Sombra Love (1985)
Botoncito De Cariño (1986)
All I Could Do Was Cry (1986)
From The Streets Of Chicago (1987)
La Rebelde (1987)
Strikes Again (1988)
Chicago’s Wild Side (1988)
One Of A Kind (1989)
The Chi-Town Boys R Back (1989)
Good Boys Wear White (1990) (Last album on Freddie Records)
Porque Te Quiero (1991) (First album on Fonovisa)
Intocable (1992)
Ilusiones (1993)
Caliente Dulce Amor (1994) (Last album on Fonovisa)
Mas Que Todo (1995) (First album on EMI Latin)
Alborotados (1997) (Last album on EMI Latin)
Todo Me Recuerda A Ti (1999)

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